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October 25, 2020

[Review] Lords of the Multiverse #1 ~ Lord of Time by C.G. Rayne

Technical sheet

COVER Lord of Time
Lords of the Multiverse
Book 1 : Lord of Time

Author : C.G. Rayne

Number of pages : 480

Publication date : September 10th 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Indie - Fantastical Press

A contract with a devil…?

Gabriel Morgan never imagines his eighteenth birthday will end with the doors of his home being kicked in by gun-wielding thugs intent on stealing away his little sister as payment for his estranged father’s gambling debts. Pushed into an impossible corner, Gabriel is on the brink of doing something unspeakable when billionaire business mogul Darrien Stathos steps into the fray and announces a contract that nullifies all other claims—for Gabriel. Only too willing to be the sacrificial martyr to save his family, the cost of surrendering himself to Darrien, however, may be more than Gabriel bargains for.

Demon, alien, vampire, or just a plain human monster rumored to be the international crime lord known as Kairos, Gabriel has heard all whispered about this handsome, yet intimidating, savior. Whispers he is starting to fear are true when he witnesses a few disturbing incidents involving Darrien that cannot be rationally explained. Add to that the constant harassment of a couple of FBI agents intent on unearthing damning evidence that will prove that the crime lord, Kairos, is Darrien’s true face, as well as an assassination attempt on Darrien, and Gabriel starts to think that maybe sharing Darrien’s bed is the least daunting thing he will have to face.

Who is Darrien really, and why is he so interested in an ordinary guy like Gabriel, a guy just struggling to help his family make ends meet like millions of others? Gabriel isn’t sure he wants to know the answer, but when has the universe ever given him anything other than the finger?

My Review
I wanted to read this title because I like things related to the paranormal and MM romances. Besides, when you see a title like "Lord of Time" it intrigues you even more and makes you think of "Doctor Who". Here, we are far from this universe.
I enjoyed this book for about forty percent. Afterwards, I felt like I was reading a paranormal-infused parallel universe class plus a few sex scenes posed there. It did not alleviate my growing boredom.
I still forced myself to finish the book to see if the tone would change, but no.
At the beginning, the characters interested me but the more I discovered them, the less I liked them except two or three. Darrien, I easily understood his reactions as Gabriel made me wondering over some of his decisions. Especially the one involving his friends.
I do not intend to continue this series. Scientific explanations are too long and boring. Romance almost non-existent. The ending didn't surprise me at all because I was expecting something like that.
I did not know the author who uses two pen names. I'm still going to try one of her other books under her other name to see if her style is more fluid and pleasant.
Rating : 6/10


I would like to thanks C.G. Rayne and Booksprout for the ARC.



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