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About Me

Who am I ?


I can bite and do magic things !

Kassandra is my avatar, my alter ego, my demoniac double (no I'am kidding). She's what I can't be : strong. She's an Alpha whem I'm an Omega. She show herself when you piss me off.

Kassandra was born human (Moldue). She suddenly received a letter and ended up at Hogwarts at the Ravenclaw's house. Her patronus was an Eagle Owl and her wand was made of Fir wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" and suprisingly swishy flexibility.

Sadly one day, she came face to face with a vampire ... and she became one too. She believed her wand had disintegrated but it was later found out that it was assimilated into her body during her transformation. She loves black and purple.


IRL : Céline

Books are like spiritual food !

In everyday life, I'm a driver for people with reduced mobility, a big tea drinker and a big fan of cats and hedgehogs.

In my thirties, I'm a passionate reader. I share my reading on my blog both to keep track of each reading and to make others want to read.

I am a book devourer. This means that I can finish a 600-page book in three days if I have time. The more I read, the faster I read and therefore the number of books read is constantly increasing. My passion is just bad for my bank account ^^

Oh! and ... I have several times suffered from the disease of big readers: the breakdown. No more books tempt you. Reading a page is beyond your strength ... and it sometimes takes a very long time before you read a book again. Not cool ! I can tell you that.

Other hobbies

I do Nordic Walking in a club. I walk with all groups, from leisure to sports. Sometimes in competition. I love it, we are outside and we play sports at the same time.

I can walk in the forest for hours without getting bored. Our environment must be preserved for our future and that of future generations.

If natural disasters are more and more frequent, in my humble opinion, it is not for nothing because Mother Nature is rebelling.

One last passion: Animals.
I have five cats, stick insects (are all dead now). My cat Ducky is a little devil who only eats kibble but likes to walk with me. Baltic, Knut, and Ziva are: a thief, a sleeper, and a yamakazi. Qitsuk is the latest arrival, a real lazy cat.

I also have a hedgehog who lives in the garden and full of birds from the sky =)