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October 27, 2020

[Review] Savage Hearts #2 ~ Dangerous Hearts by Mary E. Twomey

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cover savage hearts 2
Savage Hearts
Book 2 : Dangerous Hearts

Author : Mary E. Twomey

Number of pages : 233

Publication date : October 2nd 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Indie - Mary E. Twomey LLC 

Life in the village isn't as safe as Adelita thought it would be.

With a new family ready to take her in, Adelita still isn't quite sure she belongs, bringing danger ever nearer to her one safe place. Though she's beginning to fall into a rhythm with the three warriors, their protection has some serious setbacks whenever she questions the formidable Cruz.

The Kalku haven't stopped hunting her down. They are determined to steal her strength at any cost. When Adelita realizes the protection the village offers might be at risk, she knows that even though she wants to remain with them, if she wants to keep them safe, she has to leave them all...

...Even the ones who have stolen her heart.

My Review
I am delighted to find again the author's Hispanic universe. On the other hand, mythology question, I am very little served. I stay on my hunger.
We begin this second book a little after the end of the first. It's less hectic in the first part because we are in the village but in the second we go from surprises to surprises and we are again in road trip mode.
I still have the same opinion on the characters. I still cannot appreciate Cruz even if I was able to discover his past. Between Adelita and Santos, it's almost fusional. Rafi shows his vulnerable side.
I didn't expect this reaction from Adelita at the end of the story. I wish I had the next book to continue my reading.
The author's pen is still so fluid. The pages scroll without us realizing it.
I don't know if the third book will be the last in the series but I can't wait to read it.
Rating : 9,2/10


I would like to thanks Mary E. Twomey and Booksprout for the ARC.


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