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August 10, 2020

[Review] New Orleans Bourdons #2 ~ Troublemaker by Lisa B. Kamps

Technical sheet

cover New Orleans Bourdons 2
New Orleans Bourdons
Book 2 : Troublemaker

Author : Lisa B. Kamps

Number of pages : 251

Publication date : July 31st 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Independently Published - BimHaven Press

Trouble comes in all different sizes...

My name is Dylan Gleason and I have a reputation as a troublemaker—which is why I'm currently serving time on the ice down here with the New Orleans Bourdons. I keep telling myself I'll prove them all wrong and work my way back to the top of my game.

Then I meet Morgan Raymond, the runaway bride with more baggage than a week-long road trip. They can call me a troublemaker all they want but they haven't met Morgan yet--

Something tells me I just met my match...

My Review
After the first volume, I wanted to read this book because I liked the summary. Since it was available in the ARC list on Booksprout, I took the opportunity to read it

This time, another Hockey player is in the spotlight. The relationship between the players is more sympathetic and a little more present.

The beginning made me laugh, even if for nothing in the world I would want to find myself in this situation.

The relationship between Dylan and Morgan is a bit of the same type as that of Nathan and Addy (volume 1) while being different. I am delighted to see that the characters in the first volume play an important role and are very present.

Morgan reveals herself very slowly. One wonders what is holding her back and making her want to run away. When I found out the why, I thought it was a stupid reason.
Dylan is easier to understand. He goes out of his way so he want to understand his actions. Sometimes he reacts before he thinks.

My reading was pleasant but I remain on a question concerning Morgan: what does she do for a living ? Still no problem of understanding with the author's pen.
Rating : 9,5/10


I would like to thanks Lisa B. Kamps and Booksprout for the ARC.



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