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August 09, 2020

[Review] New Orleans Bourdons #1 ~ Rule Breaker by Lisa B. Kamps

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Cover New Orleans Bourdons 1
New Orleans Bourdons
Book 1 : Rule Breaker

Author : Lisa B. Kamps

Number of pages : 236

Publication date : May 27th 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Independently Published - BimHaven Press

Rules were meant to be broken...

My life has been nothing but one crap-tastic cluster after another. Getting traded. Being sent to New Orleans. Enjoying a one-night stand—plus a little more—with Adelaide Landry.

How was I supposed to know the beauty with a body tailormade for sex was the daughter of my new hockey team's owner? The problem is, I'm not sure it would have made a difference if I had known. After all, I'm Nathan Shaw and I earned my reputation for being a rule breaker.

Only this time, I may have gone too far...

My Review
I discovered this title due to an error in my search for a book on Goodreads I did not remember the name but which was about Hockey too. A pleasant mistake for once.
The basic theme of the story is hockey. I discovered Hockey thanks to a Japanese series and I liked it. The worst part is that there are two teams not far from where I live, but I have never seen a game in my life.
The story discuss the relationship between the players but the main plot remains centered on Addy and Nathan, the evolution of their relationship and the obstacles that stand in their way.
At first, it seems like Addy is very liberated, but ultimately most of her life is under control.
Nathan is a bit of a burnt head. It was for this reason that he landed in New Orleans. I do not know if I did not pay attention but I think we know less about him than Addy.
My reading was pleasant and quick, except for a length or two. I had no difficulty understanding the story.
I intend to read the next book "Troublemaker" that has an enticing summary.
Lisa B. Kamps has a website and for more info you can follow her on BookBub.
Rating : 9,3/10


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