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November 02, 2020

[Review] Savage Hearts #3 ~ Twisted Hearts by Mary E. Twomey

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Savage Hearts
Book 3 : Twisted Hearts

Author : Mary E. Twomey

Number of pages : 210

Publication date : November 2nd 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Indie - Mary E. Twomey LLC 

Sometimes the road ahead twists in unexpected ways.

Adelita's new life was supposed to be easier, now that she left the village. But the normal life she craved doesn't last for long. The Kalku won't stop until they have her in their clutches, making any sort of freedom impossible.

While escape seems like the best option, Adelita knows that the time is coming for her to stand and fight for the family that found her...

...and the family she didn't know she had.

My Review
I wanted to read this title so much that I almost chained book two and three, except that I realized that it was not necessarily easy for my little French head. From now on, I will always read another book between two books of the same series.
The story start about a week after the end of the previous volume. There is always this succession of quiet moments full of hugs with more eventful scenes.
The author offers us new surprises and a scenario not very predictable except for the end which did not really surprise me.
The characters are still pleasant to follow and Cruz begins to appear more sympathetic to me (it almost pains me to admit it). The relationship between the characters evolves. Do we go to a trio or something else? No idea but for the moment I totally agree.
I continue my adventure with this series. It's rare that I'm so enthusiastic after several books.
Rating : 9,3/10


I would like to thanks Mary E. Twomey and Booksprout for the ARC.


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