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September 13, 2020

[Review] Orion's Order #1 ~ Calypso's Heart by M.C. Solaris

Technical sheet

Calyso's Heart Cover
Orion's Order
Book 1 : Calypso's Heart

Author : M.C. Solaris

Number of pages : 718

Publication date : July 13th 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Indie - M.C. Solaris LLC

Do you dream of ridiculously hot men? Okay, maybe you do. (And yes, I'm well aware I should lay off the romance books before bed.) But do you actually ever meet those men you dream about in real life? I didn't think so. That's probably a good thing though because I have... And these men from my dreams have done nothing but pull the rug of reality out from under me... which was how I fell and ended up in a world that I thought only existed in romance books.

My name is Caly (AKA Callie) and I'm just an ordinary single woman living the LA dream... paycheck to paycheck. Except whose dream is it? I'm not really sure... but it's not my dream. Especially because I have really weird dreams... like really weird. Then again, everyone has weird dreams, right?

I am an alpha wolf shifter and leader of Orion's Order, a pack of... well, not wolves. We're an unconventional pack of highly skilled specian hunters that do one thing: hunt the evil in our world. And we were hired by SILE (Species Investigative Law Enforcement) to hunt a bloodthirsty criminal who is infamously untraceable. That was until an irresistible female brought an unexpected twist to our hunt and set things in motion... a motion that has left my pack and our world forever changed.

My Review
I saw the cover on BookSirens several times and it was the cat's eyes that called out to me every time. I finally wanted to know more and I went to read the synopsis.
I hesitated for a long time because the number of pages scared me a little in the face of the time I could devote to reading and that I did not know the style of the author. I still fell for it and I said to myself to not be scared if I'm a little late. A late review is better than no review at all.
The universe created is unlike anything I've read before and all the characters are interesting, even Felix.
Calypso suddenly discovers a world like she never thought it would be. Trials will await her but she will emerge stronger.
I liked the story from the start. There is everything I love about the genre. The only small negative point is that there are a few too many sex scenes.
The author's style is very fluid. Only the abbreviations remain a mystery to me. It's a bit annoying.
I plan on reading the next book so that I can find out more about Keena and Rhyker.
Rating : 9,5/10


I would like to thanks M.C. Solaris and BookSirens for the ARC.

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  1. Hi Kassandra!
    Wow! Thank you so much for your review of Calypso’s Heart and for featuring on your blog too! And I’m so thrilled to hear you enjoyed reading Calypso's Heart, that the cover called to you, and that you think all of the characters are interesting, including our lovely little feline himself, Felix! ;) XO, MC Solaris