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November 18, 2020

[Review] Beachbreak High #1 ~ It had to be Mason by Emily Lowry

Technical sheet

It had to be Mason COVER
Beachbreak High
Book 1 : It had to be Mason

Author : Emily Lowry

Number of pages : 206

Publication date : October 25th 2020

Collection : /

Publisher : Eleventh Avenue Publishing

Ask your brother’s best friend nicely, and he’ll teach you how to date. He might even teach you how to kiss…

Zoe Walsh is the most awkward girl in Beachbreak High. For years, she’s admired her crush from afar, but she’s NEVER talked to him. What would she even say? She doesn’t know the first thing about boys, or dating. The only thing she really knows is dancing.

Mason McClellan is the charming, all-star quarterback who gets all the girls. He’s also Zoe’s brother’s best friend. This year, he plans to take the hottest girl in school to Homecoming. But she refuses to be his date unless he can dance. Sadly, Mason has two left feet.

When Zoe approaches Mason for dating advice, he cuts her a deal: if she teaches him how to dance, he’ll teach her how to date. Lessons include how to get your crush to notice you, how to get asked on a date, and how to kiss.

The last thing they expect is to fall for each other. But as Homecoming draws near, Zoe wonders – if dating Mason is just practice, how come it feels so much like the real thing?

My Review
It was first the title of the book that intrigued me and then the summary made me want to read it. 
The main theme is regularly used in books (the brother's best friend) but for the moment, I don't feel tired because I don't read them often. 
The characters are fun to follow. I have a preference for Zoe because I find her character a little more in-depth than Mason. 
The story is beautiful, without headach, reads easily and has done me a lot of good in this troubled period. 
I plan to follow this series because I want to know more about some characters that I have noticed.
Emily Lowry also wrote "Rumors and Lies at Evermore High Series".
Rating : 4/5


I would like to thanks Emily Lowry and Booksprout for the ARC.



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