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October 20, 2020

[Review] Hellfire Academy #1 ~ Demon Born by C.L. Coffey

Technical sheet

COVER Demon born
Hellfire Academy
Book 1 : Demon Born

Author : C.L. Coffey

Number of pages : 379

Publication date : July 27th 2020 (paperback)
                            November 2nd 2020 (ebook)

Collection : /

Publisher : Axellia Publishing

She spent her life running from them. Now she’s going to school with them.

For as long as she could remember, Kennedy’s mother had called her a demon, but she’d never believed her; her mother was ill. And then the Archangel Gabriel appeared trying to kill her. When divine intervention steps in, Kennedy finds herself whisked away to Greenwood Preparatory University.

Hellfire Academy, as the students call it, is home to nephilim like her. To the outside world it’s an exclusive college. To some of the student body, it’s a training academy—and one of the professors is Gabriel. Kennedy has the year to prove that she can stay out of trouble, which would be easy to do if she wasn't getting distracted by an archangel.

When Kennedy’s roommate has a vision that the college will be attacked, it’s up to Kennedy to stop that from happening. Only it’s hard to know who to trust when you’re the one everyone thinks is evil.

My Review
It was the cover that caught my eye when I was looking at the available ARCs. So I wanted to know more and I went to read the synopsis which totally intrigued me.
Since "Vampire Academy", I have not read anything with this term (Academy) in the title while there is a lot of books at the moment except that it's mostly Reverse Harem. Here it's not the case and I say good because we focus more on some highly interesting characters.
We discover a world where angels exist. They are one of the people I like to see in paranormal romances so it's cheerfully that I started reading this title.
From the first pages, I identified myself with Kennedy when we don't have much in common. I enjoyed following her in her rediscovery of the world and who she is after having been confronted with stressful events. I liked the relationship with Gabriel. We can feel the growing tension.
The author's pen is fluid. I was caught up in the story from the start and almost read it all at once. I was angry when someone came to disturb me for lunch. Once the meal is eaten, I plunged back into it until the end.
I discovered the author thanks to this title and I am delighted. To better understand the universe, I might read the Angel series. What is clear is that the book two is already on my wishlist.
Rating : 9,8/10


I would like to thanks C.L. Coffey and Booksprout for the ARC.


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